The Marathon team is as diverse as the services we offer. Experienced campaign operatives, crisis professionals, researchers, digital and data experts, government aides, reporters, lawyers and television producers bring a unique perspective to every assignment.

Strategic Communications
Marathon is deeply ingrained in the evolving media landscape. We have strong relationships with editors, producers and journalists, many of whom are friends and former colleagues. From developing proactive media outreach strategies to mitigating crises to generating original content, we help advance your story.

  • Comprehensive communications plans that deploy a wide range of tools to
    secure high-impact placements.
  • Media training prepares novice and seasoned spokespeople to effectively communicate key messages.
  • Crisis management programs with protocols and tools ensure rapid responses
    that minimize negative impact.

Public Affairs
Marathon is uniquely positioned in the public affairs field, leveraging past political campaign and government-sector experience to solve legislative, regulatory or political challenges. We provide clients with integrated public affairs campaign expertise that combines traditional earned media, unparalleled local and state field operations, digital and analytics and research to help clients win on their issues. We have been involved in some of the most high-profile and successful public affairs campaigns.

  • Coalition strategy: We combine our political, government and media experience
    to design coalition campaign strategies for clients.
  • Coalition management: We bring together diverse groups of interested parties
    or clients and manage their public affairs campaign planning and execution.
  • Third-party engagement: We maintain relationships with stakeholders and third-party organizations across the country that can be recruited to lend their voices during critical moments of a public affairs campaign.

Competitive Insights
Marathon combines field and desk research to deliver a comprehensive assessment of any given topic. We identify proof points that are crucial to effectively implementing communications, political or business strategies.

  • Research reports created through exhaustive reviews of public records provide critical insights.
  • Dashboards track legislation and broad policy trends to provide thorough and straightforward analysis.
  • Original research reports, including white papers and economic impact analyses, help push agendas forward.
Field Operations
Given our experience working on campaigns for both sides of the aisle, we have the knowledge to help clients make a difference where it matters most: locally. With reach into every state, Congressional district and media market, we maintain a nationwide network of campaign consultants, public affairs specialists, communications experts and political operatives that help us implement multistate strategic communications, public affairs and grassroots campaigns.

  • Through local relationship mapping and ally identification, we help clients understand who the local influencers are and how to engage them.
  • We develop local campaigns to influence an issue by devising and implementing grasstops and grassroots programs in local markets.
  • Coalition building and recruitment allows us to engage local voices with shared beliefs to ensure coalitions make a difference locally.

Digital & Social Media Strategy
At Marathon, we believe digital is a critical component to any communications, public affairs and crisis management strategy. We help clients engage and protect their online reputations by using cutting edge-tools, strategic partnerships and creative thinking to drive our digital planning.

  • Targeting is key. We use industry-leading data and analytics to drive our planning on digital and social media. A data-driven approach ensures the right audiences see the right content on the platforms they use to consume media.
  • Content is king. Whether in the form of an op-ed, video, news story, research insight or infographic, we help clients develop a content pipeline to break through the cluttered media landscape.
  • Optimization is critical. We take published and produced content from our pipeline and optimize it to make it compelling for digital promotion and engagement on any platform, on any device.

Video & Multimedia Content
A high-quality strategy needs to be backed up by world-class execution and focused collateral. Marathon leverages our campaign experience and forward-thinking design principles to develop compelling and visually appealing content for any audience and channel.

  • Original television advertising and web video with persuasive narratives and compelling visuals.
  • Infographics distill complex issues into powerful visuals.
  • Direct mail reaches audiences less connected to digital channels.