Strategic Communications

Marathon executes across a variety of disciplines coordinated to achieve optimum exposure for your message. Our core capabilities are divided into six practice areas: Crisis Management, Competitive Intelligence and Research, Media Relations, Political Strategy, E-Reputation, and Content Development. For most of our clients, several practice areas are engaged simultaneously to develop and implement a strategy to achieve their objectives. For example, our research expertise is frequently engaged while we develop a crisis response plan, and our content team is often engaged to support media relations and e-reputation campaigns.

At the core of Marathon's six practice groups lies a fundamental understanding of what it takes to ensure that the audiences you are trying to reach hear your message. Our knowledge base of communications strategies was developed over years spent in the trenches with some of the most demanding media and message campaigns. The breadth of that knowledge is matched only by the depth of our expertise in managing the details. We not only help come up with the strategy, we implement it. End to end, our clients look to us to provide the integrated leadership it takes to shape the way the world views them and the issues they care about.

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Crisis Management

Marathon can help you anticipate, plan for, and recover from negative scenarios impacting your personal or business reputation. Our services begin with expert research and careful analysis of the factors affecting your situation, allowing us to develop a crisis containment plan customized both for your short-term challenge and your long-term objectives.

Of course, planning before a crisis hits is the ideal approach for any client with a reputation to defend. Anticipating the opposition’s strategy and developing optimal responses to likely scenarios requires time and perspective. The stronger your pre-crisis plan the stronger your defenses will be. But Marathon recognizes that crises tend to be unexpected, and our expertise extends beyond planning to proven damage control operations aimed at ensuring that your positive message is heard through critical channels. Regardless of the amount of time we have to plan for your crisis, Marathon's experienced team will work to implement a comprehensive strategy to mitigate negative outcomes and protect the value of your brand.

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Competitive Intelligence and Research

Marathon has been trusted by Fortune 500 companies and nationally recognized public figures alike to perform detailed research analysis critical to achieving core communications objectives.

The success of a given campaign often hinges on being fully informed about your opponents as well as understanding your organization’s weaknesses and strengths. Our research work is designed to identify vulnerabilities, contain potential damage, and maximize positive message opportunities. As our valued client, Marathon will work with you to organize a docket about your issue or opponent, and together we will develop a plan for gaining exposure for your message in the broader zeitgeist.

Our experience in the political arena has sharpened our sense of what factors will affect these objectives, and we have an unmatched ability to synthesize these factors quickly and efficiently to provide comprehensive roadmaps that account for rapidly shifting media landscapes.

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Media Relations

Marathon's experience maneuvering messages through a hyper-evolving multichannel media universe is significant. We understand where your message needs to be delivered, and we know when it will make the biggest impact. Marathon's unique perspective, derived as much from political and issue advocacy as from corporate branding strategy, guarantees an experienced sensitivity to the buzz potential of your story. We know how to capitalize on media trends, and how to direct and magnify your story through traditional and new media lenses.

Marathon's custom, proactive plans to generate earned media for our clients rely in equal measure on our informed strategy, our commitment to thorough execution, and our relationships with the editors, tastemakers, journalists, government officials, CEOs, and other professionals we count as friends and colleagues. This three-pronged approach to a campaign guides our clients through the complex media maze, ensuring effective, measurable results. And for Marathon, results are more than press hits and hyperlinks. Results are the positive impact your message makes on the public imagination.

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Political Strategy

Marathon's strategic communications skills were developed and honed in the highly competitive and fast-paced political sphere. We have an intimate understanding of how to help our clients get their messages to resonate within political circles. Whether they are running for public office or navigating a challenging legislative battle, our clients rely on our deep understanding of the issues, personalities, and processes that affect political outcomes.

Political strategy is the core strand of Marathon's communications DNA. Our direct political campaign experience includes key communications roles in two presidential campaigns, a successful New York gubernatorial campaign, as well as long-running senatorial and congressional media relations experience. We have helped numerous private sector clients influence public opinion and inform the views of their targeted audiences. Our extensive background developing and executing roadmaps for political success will help you control your message as it makes its way through the volatile political fray. (Please note that we do not lobby.)

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The Internet is the new town square. It is vital for organizations and individuals with public profiles to have a strategy in place for managing how they are perceived online. E-reputation management, contingent as it is on editorial time tables, comment mediation, search engine rankings, and other sensitive factors, requires tactical experience as well as a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of search engine optimization best practices. Marathon's expertise in these areas will help you achieve success in a channel where your message may be most vulnerable.

Marathon's campaigns for managing our clients' online profiles include SEO management, website development, domain abuse monitoring, social media infringement management, digital piracy response, and other brand enforcement strategies. Tactics supporting and magnifying our core reputation management services, such as digital media campaigns, paid placements and advertising, blogger outreach and comment seeding, and overall branding strategy are executed as part of a holistic approach to controlling your brand's online impact.

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Content Development

Marathon's content development team helps our clients hone their message for any audience and channel, generating opinion pieces, speeches, blog posts, talking points, Web content, advertising, campaign literature, and other editorial collateral required to execute our tightly coordinated message campaigns. Knowing from personal experience that this element is frequently overlooked to the detriment of an entire campaign, our clients rely on our content services to bridge the gap between command center strategy and real-world communications.

At Marathon, we develop solutions for your campaign informed by years of experience creating ground-level communications content. It is our philosophy that strategy developed without an experienced understanding of how it will be executed is no strategy at all. As we develop the tactical roadmap to achieve your organization's objectives and begin leveraging our network to your advantage, we believe you will also come to rely on Marathon to manage the delicate but critical task of translating our strategy into effective, media-ready messages.

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