“Respected by the New York City, New York state and national press corps.”
National Journal

Public Affairs and Advocacy
We help organizations anticipate, influence and respond to the public policy landscape. Whether the goal is to protect existing legislation or represent organizational interests on new policy issues, Marathon can help the public and private sectors navigate complex legislative challenges at the municipal, state and federal levels.

  • Policy tracking
    Real time tracking of policy developments collated into a policy dashboard.
  • Policy analysis
    Analyzing the implications of single policies or identifying trends across the country.
  • Policy advisory
    Providing recommendations on how to communicate policy positions and use the media to shape discussions.

Media Relations
Marathon is deeply ingrained in the evolving media landscape, and our team has strong relationships with editors, producers and journalists. We direct stories through traditional and digital platforms, and employ wide-ranging tools to amplify any message and generate high-impact earned media placements.

  • Media management
    Actively managing our clients’ engagements with media including press releases, interviews, media pitches, media calendars, opinion editorials, media statements, press conferences and media inquiries.
  • Event management
    Creating and implementing strategic media plans to maximize awareness around a particular event, including managing media on-site.
  • Media training
    Providing comprehensive training to prepare both seasoned and novice spokespeople.

Research and Analysis
Marathon provides detailed research and analysis on areas critical to achieving business and communications objectives. We combine rigorous field and desk research with data analysis to deliver comprehensive assessments of any topic.

  • Economic and Policy Research
    Measuring economic impacts and analyzing both public data and proprietary information to support our clients’ communications efforts.
  • Opposition Research
    Assessing all available information to compile in-depth research books that help maximize message opportunities and identify potential risks and weaknesses.
  • Vulnerability Assessments
    Evaluating reputational vulnerabilities through extensive public records and media research to contain potential damage and maximize positive message opportunities.
  • Executive Vetting
    Building exhaustive personnel reports, including all pertinent public information on a prospective hire, to optimize human resources decisions and protect organizations’ overall reputations.
  • Perception Audits
    Conducting comprehensive audits of organizations’ target audiences through qualitative research, one-on-one interviews and an analysis of communication channels. This research can inform the development of communications strategies and establish a baseline to measure the effectiveness of future communication programs.
  • Communication Reviews
    Assessing an organization’s current communication infrastructure, identifying its strengths and weaknesses, and offering recommendations on how the gaps can be addressed.
We create cutting-edge creative and develop targeted paid media plans and ad strategies to ensure clients’ messages reach and engage key audiences. Our in-house production team’s work is always visually striking, innovative and effective.

  • Television Ads
    Creating incisive and original television ads that advance communications objectives in a visually compelling manner.
  • Web Videos
    Producing effective online video advertising geared toward achieving strategic goals – whether from an advocacy, commercial or political perspective.
  • Direct Mail and Print
    Using our extensive campaign experience, combined with forward-thinking design principles, to create precisely targeted direct mail pieces and print ads.

Content Development
Clients rely on our in-house content services to bridge the gap between strategy and real-world communications. Marathon helps clients hone their messages for any audience and channel, generating opinion pieces, speeches, corporate videos, blog posts, talking points, digital content, courtroom videos, issue-driven documentaries, campaign literature, infographics, brochures and other collateral required to execute tightly coordinated public affairs and communications strategies.

Crisis and Issues Management
Marathon helps clients anticipate, manage and rebuild from issues and crises affecting their reputations.

  • Crisis Preparedness
    We work with companies to audit their crisis preparedness and develop the necessary processes and tools, including crisis communications manuals, databases and stakeholders lists.
  • Crisis Training and Simulation
    We provide half-day and full-day crisis training and simulations to ensure clients crisis management processes are “pressure tested” so they can be quickly deployed when needed.
  • Crisis Management
    Our crisis management experts are available 24/7 and take a comprehensive short- and long-term view, assessing immediate issues, developing messaging to mitigate negative outcomes and mapping out scenarios for how the crisis could evolve.